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Gay but not happy?

This website is for homosexuals who are struggling with their unwanted homosexual thoughts, feelings and desires. It is meant to help homosexuals who want to change but do not understand their homosexual tendencies and behavior well. We hope to describe and explain how homosexuality emerges and develops, and why a person becomes a homosexual. Our mission is to give the repentant homosexual the help and hope to recover from his homosexual struggles because change is possible.


June 7, 2009

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To men and women tormented by homosexual emotions who do not want to live as homosexuals, who want constructive help and support, and who are forgotten, have no voice, and get no answers in our society, which recognizes only the emancipatory homosexual who wants to impose his ideology of “normality” and “unchangeability” and thus discriminates against those who know or feel that that is a sad lie.

The Battle for Normality (1997) Ignatius Press: San Francisco