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Factors that increase likelihood of success of overcoming homosexuality

Some factors definitely increase the likelihood of success for someone attempting to leave homosexuality. These factors have been the subject of much research and debate, but they will increase anyone’s chances of leaving homosexuality behind.

By far the most significant factor in predicting a positive outcome has to do with one’s motivation. Studies have shown a strong correlation between an individual’s unwavering motivation and his or her outcome. Even Dr. Robert Spitzer, the man behind the efforts in the psychiatric community to remove homosexuality from the list of psychological disorders, has since found this favorable relationship to be a strong indicator of success.

Few professionals in this area have as much expertise as Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. He’s worked with over 1000 men and is the president of the National Association for the Research and Treatment of Homosexuality (NARTH). Since I have personal experience but not clinical experience, I’ll let Dr. Nicolosi speak about the factors that foster successful outcomes.

Other indicators of favourable prognosis are lack of indulgence in self-pity, a positive sense of self, the ego-strength to tolerate stress and frustration. Heterosexual fantasies and dreams are also strongly favourable. Also the stronger the family relationships the client has, the better the prognosis…

Traditional values and the sense of oneself as a member of heterosexual society are also strongly supportive in providing a framework from which to reflect on the homosexual experience… Other factors in treatment success are the ability to resist impulsive behaviors and to postpone gratification, the ability to set goals, and the capacity to reflect upon, verbalize, and learn from past experiences…

Men who have been less sexually active have better prognoses. Considering the habit-forming nature of sexual behavior, the more homosexually active the client is, the more difficult the course of treatment…

Two final qualities that are of the utmost value — second only to motivation to change — are patience with oneself and an acceptance of the ongoing nature of the struggle.

So, whether you want to change or are rooting for someone else’s success, these are great qualities to commit to prayer. Ask the Lord to strengthen these traits in you, your friend, or your loved one. Hold fast to the promise of Christ that He will never give you more than you can handle and will always provide a way of escape should negative opportunities arise (1 Corinthians 10: 13).

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