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Homosexual Behavior

Symptoms of underlying deficiencies

  • Envy
  • Misinterpretation and eroticization of homo-emotional needs into homosexual desires

leads to…

  • Feelings of masculine inadequacy
  • Gender confusion
  • Need for recognition of masculinity, identification, same-sex approval

leads to…

other unfulfilled homo-emotional needs:

  • Sufficient male bonding with peers
  • Male gender identification and affirmation of gender role
  • Same-sex acceptance and approval
  • Same-sex nonsexual love


  • Insecurity in gender role
  • Isolation/separation from male peers (physically and/or emotionally)


  • Defensive detachment from father-figure who may be inefficient, hostile, or even absent
  • Lack of proper male role model
  • In most cases, insufficient bonding with the father and unfulfilled same-sex love need


  • Feelings of being hurt, unloved and/or rejected: Even if love is offered, the boy has unconsciously blocked it from being received

because of…

  • Overly-sensitive disposition
  • Incident(s) boy interprets as intentionally hurtful
  • Absent, inefficient, or hostile father/father-figure: Not necessarily how the father was, but more importantly, how the boy perceived his father’s behavior as signifying a lack of love

101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality (2004) Harvest House: Eugene, Oregon

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