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Is homosexuality preventable?

The prevention of homosexuality in children has become one of the primary emphases of research within the ex-gay movement. That represents a shift from the traditional focus, undertaken by Exodus International and like-minded ministries, which have spent most of their energies spreading the message of redemption. These ministries have often been the only hope people struggling with homosexuality (and their family members) have had when seeking answers and assistance.

In recent years, however, attention has shifted from not only redeeming homosexuals, but also preventing homosexuality. At the leading edge of this movement are Dr. Joseph and Linda Nicolosi, authors of A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, in which they spell out some important steps parents can take to offer an atmosphere in the home that will increase the chances of their children growing up secure in their gender identity. “Gender nonconformity in childhood,” the Nicolosis note, “most researchers agree, is the single most common factor associated with homosexuality… Unfortunately, many members of the mental health profession — psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers — think it is unnecessary to inform parents of the possibility of a homosexual outcome.”

They continue by warning that “despite parents’ key role in forming the gender identity of their sons and daughters, many of them are astonishingly unaware not only of their own behavior with an emotionally vulnerable son but also of their child’s resulting deficits.”

101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality (2004) Harvest House: Eugene, Oregon

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