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Watching God Work

The most powerful healing agent in my life has been the presence of real live men who have offered me the nonsexual and nonromantic love I’ve needed; they are my brothers. These relationships have meant the world to me; they nurture my soul. Like a light in an underground tunnel, they provide a path of escape from the prison of disconnection and abandonment. It’s a prison that I still remember, although the memory fades a little more each time one of these guys opens his arms.

And I walk right in.

In summary, individuals who desire change must experience love from their parents, their same-sex peers, and their God. For me, the process of achieving freedom from homosexual desires has come not from any one method but from a combination of healing agents perfectly orchestrated by my Creator, who loves me (Romans 8: 28). Although there is a body of purely scientific data that secular researchers have used to treat people with unwanted homosexual desires, I’ve been told by some who are involved in this work that to undergo the process of change using any method that does not include fervent, personal prayer is useless.

Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would (2004) Brazos Press: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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